Christening Gowns for Boys and Girls

Christening Gowns for Boys and Girls

How to choose christening outfit?

Before you get too far into your christening preparations, you’re going to have to choose your child’s christening gown. For some families this decision is easy. They may already have some christening gowns in the family, or perhaps there is a talented craftsperson in the family who can make one from scratch. Not all of us are so lucky, though.

When you’re picking a gown, there are a few things to keep in mind:

What is traditional сhristening outfit?

Some Christian denominations favor simple gowns made of basic materials, while others condone beautiful, ornate dresses with intricately crafted embellishments. Do a little research into what people in your faith usually do, and try to honor tradition while keeping with your family’s character. If you’re stumped, ask around at church to find out what other people have done at their own children’s christenings.

Do you want the christening gown to be an heirloom? Many families use the same gowns generation after generation. If you plan to start this tradition, you’ll need to pick a gown that is durable and timeless. Making this choice can be challenging, but you can’t go wrong if you root your gown choice in tradition and choose one that is well-crafted and made of strong materials.

Unisex christening gowns is another way to go

Should christening gowns be unisex? Traditionally, both boys and girls wore christening gowns, but many modern families choose to differentiate between the two, dressing girls in gowns and boys in masculine suits. This is a break with tradition, but there is a growing number of children’s clothing companies that make non-unisex christening clothing.

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What size of christening gown do you need?

Your child is likely at an age where he or she is growing rapidly, so plan accordingly. It’s usually a good idea to get a gown that is loose and even slightly larger than the child’s other clothes. This way, not only do you ensure that your child will fit in the gown, but you also make it so that it can be worn with ease by future children in your family.

What color should christening gown be?

Most christening gowns are made of pure white, a shade that has symbolic significance for the christening ceremony. However, if there are colored laces, ribbons, prints, or other embellishments, this is not a problem. Again, it has to do with your faith’s traditions, but most don’t frown upon a few simple embellishments to give the gown a special quality.

Do you need christening accessories?

For some families, having just the gown is enough. But you can expand the outfit by finding matching bonnets, shoes, or socks. These can serve as heirlooms as well, or you can simply make them a part of your child’s wardrobe once the christening is over.

Of course, if you plan to make the gown yourself, the process will be completely different. You will need to start as early as possible, and of course, you will face the challenge of finding a proper pattern as well as all the materials you need. As you probably know, sewing projects tend to stretch out longer than expected, so start on the christening gown before it becomes too late.

Christening Bonnet with Scalloped Hem
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Christening Socks with Cross Embroidery

Other types of christening outfits

Although christening gowns are the preferred choice for most families, some choose to dress their children in different types of outfits for the christening. There are many beautiful boys’ outfits for sale through children’s clothing outlets. These include rompers, sailor suits, and mini-suites, and there are also plenty of accessories made specifically to go with boys’ outfits.

If for whatever reason you are christening your child later than usual—that is, past the age of one year—then the traditional gown may not be the best fit. In addition to the handsome boys’ wear available for christening, there are also girls’ dresses that are fitting for the event. As with gowns, the best christening dresses are relatively simple and largely white to symbolize the spiritual purity of the new follower.

Of course, some faiths don’t require people being christened to wear anything special at all. If you’re not sure about the norms in your church, talk to your religious officials about what they expect from people being christened. You may not have to go to much trouble at all.

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Things you need for a christening

Other than your child’s christening outfit (see below) and the usual supplies you bring when going out with your baby, here are some items that you will likely need:

Christening blanket

Usually, it is a christening gift from godparents or relatives. It would be great if baptism blanket comes with the name of the baby and date of birth or christening.

Christening Blanket

Christening towel

Pick a cloth that can double as a towel for drying your child when he or she gets wet. You don’t have to put too much effort into choosing this item, but it is a good idea to make it match with the christening outfit, and it should also be useful as a blanket and burp cloth. Some christening outfits come with this item, while some families like to have one specially designed.

Christening Towel with Embroidered Cross

Change of clothes

Depending on your child’s outfit, it may not be a good idea to keep him or her dressed up once the ceremony has been performed. Find an appropriate but more comfortable outfit to change your child into. It also doesn’t hurt to have a backup gown in case of emergency.

Event programs

You may want to create a set of professionally printed programs to be handed out at the christening. These can contain all the information that you think is relevant for your guests, including the child’s full name and date of birth, the names of the parents, siblings, grandparents, and godparents, and the names of the church officials performing the ceremony. Having a program for the christening is not crucial, but it makes a great keepsake and lends an extra layer of formality to the proceedings.

Flowers or candles

You may choose to bring your flowers, whether for photographic purposes or special significance they have for your family. Meanwhile, many families like to supply personalized candles to be used during the christening.

Catholic Baptism Kit in a Wooden Box

A container for holy water

Many families like to keep a small amount of the holy water used at the child’s ceremony. If you think you might want to do this, be sure to bring a secure container.

Holy Water Bottle

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